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6 Common Hazards In Your Home And How To Be Cautious Of Them

There are common hazards in our homes we need to be very careful and cautious about. Especially those with little children at home. We need to be alert and pay close attention to things around your home. 

The following are list of hazards we should be aware of: 

1. Batteries: Small children might swallow tiny button batteries used in electronics. Rush to a nearby hospital if that happens immediately. 

High volt batteries when out of the package, are a fire hazard because the connection points are close together. If they touch metal like paper or steel wool, the battery can heat up and catch fire. 

To stay safe, cover the connection points with electrical duct tape.

2. Television: It's a problem for everyone, but especially children. Don't put your TV on furniture that unstable and shaky. And avoid TV stands with drawers, which children can pull out and climb up. 

To be extra safe, mount the TV with bolts into the studs of the wall or secure it with special straps. When mounting the TV make sure the height is high enough so their hands can't reach it. 

3. Swimming pool: A pool without a fence is a drowning hazard for children. Put up a barrier that's at least 4 feet high, along with child-proof latches. Alarms on all doors that lead to the pool can also help. Pool covers give another layer of protection, but keep the controls hidden away.

4. Guns: This is specifically for those who are basically in the security arm(police force, army, navy, vigilantes etc) and also those who have licensed guns at home. 

Tragic accidents can happen when you don't store a gun safely. 

Children can get hold of them thinking is a toy gun and so can a family member with suicidal thoughts. 

Keep all your weapons unloaded and put them in a locked vault, cabinet, or storage case. Lock up the bullets in a separate place, and keep the keys well hidden.

5. Ladder: Choose the right ladder for the task and learn how to use it properly. Place the base on firm, solid ground and avoid wet, slippery, or soft surfaces. No matter how often you use it, pay attention to what you are doing with every single step. 

If it's windy, rainy, wet, or muddy, don't climb. Put off your work until the weather is safe.

Also keep ladder away from children. Do not allow them know where it's kept for safety reasons. 

6. Medicines: The medicines in your cabinet can be risky. There's a chance that any one in your home can take the medicine thinking is what they know. You can place a warning note inside the cabinet so they can read it. 

Also if you have children at home please hide the medicines. Do not allow them know where it is kept. 

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