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3 Crucial Information You Should Not Take For Granted If You Are Moving Into A New Apartment As A Tenant

It is normal for people to be nervous and anxious while relocating to a new rented apartment especially if the place is better than where the tenant is coming from. And for the first timers, it is always a joy unspeakable to take such a giant leap into a life of independence and absolute control of your own environment.

But in most cases, the journey is not always smooth like many people expected when they newly started. There are itches, bumbs and series of undulating terrain that can make one regret of taking the step in the first place. It is a reality of life that comes in different shapes and sizes.

The fact that a house is flashy and fascinating is not enough to jump at it at the snap of fingers. There is need to make some inquiries, carry out some investigations and have a deep convinction that it is the right place to put one head.

Most of the problems many people encounter today emanate from the house they are living. Some are stranded and have no choice than to accept their fates while others who are lucky to move out through the help of God and people have to start their lives from the very scratch.

As a new tenant planning to take a new apartment, it is important for you to get these three facts straight before taking your decision.

1. The first information you need to get is about the previous occupant that moved out of the apartment you are planning to take. Did the person move to his own house? Did he have issues with the landlord or things did not work fine for him in the house and decided to vacate?

These are questions you need to get answers to before making up your mind. You don't necessarily have to seek for the person but you can get your fact from the people around the vicinity so you won't be a victim.

2. Another thing you need to find out is how often the landlord increases his house rent. In a place like Lagos, houses are big time business to house owners. They don't care how much is your income or the level of relationship between you. 

Once they make up their minds to increase the rent, there is nothing you will tell them to change it. As a matter of fact, they will be glad to hear you threaten to leave. If you move out, it is more money for them.

Hence, you need to find out how often they increase rent so you won't have to be at their mercy when the time comes.

3. The third information you need to get clear is the effectiveness of the landlord association within the community. Nothing can be more frustrating in a residential environment than having a disunited community association.

Such a community will be prone to robbery attack because there won't be local security system in place. When there is power problem, nobody will want to take up the initiatives of galvanizing others to address it. Everybody to his or her own.

These are some of the issues that regularly affect areas where there is no effective landlord association. If you don't find out as a new tenant, you may not know and once you fall victim, it will be too late to pull out.

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