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Reactions As Young Boy "Ran Mad" Having Smoking Colorado Weed(Video)

Drug abuse is something that has eaten too deep into the lives of the youth, they now see it as a normal thing. People take drugs to get this unexplainable feeling, to get high and feel like they are on cloud nine. They believe that smoking and taking drugs is the best way to go, they think it helps them solve their problems.

When you abuse a drug,the result can be every fatal and deadly, it can lead to something really worse. We have always been thought to avoid drug abuse, but it is sad that the youths of nowadays now see it as a normal thing.

You go to parties and you see them Sharing drugs, people cook food with weed, they take it like it's nothing. They do no know it destroys their system, and ruins their lives totally when they do that.

A video that has gotten the reactions of a few people showed the effect of drug abuse, a Young Boy was seen running Mad after he smoked Colorado. This is a very dangerous drug, it is sad that our youths see it as a way to get high.

In the video the boy can be seen rolling on the floor, hitting his body everywhere and shouting Colorado, he had to be carried out so he doesn't injure himself.

Click on this link to watch the video;

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