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Lessons To Learn From The Driver Who Was Gifted Half A Million For Returning His Customer's Money

In whatever thing you do in life, always make sure you do good.

From the recent publication made by BBC news Pidgin, a Keke driver was rewarded for being good. The Keke driver in his kind gesture returned a bag containing N500,000 which a passenger mistakenly forgot in his tricycle.

The driver was able to track the actual owner of the money to return and when he did return the money, he was rewarded by the Sultan of the state.

(Photo Credit: BBC news Pidgin)

The Sultan who got intrigued by the kind gesture of the driver decided to reward him the exact amount of money which he returned, making the driver half a million richer than before.

From the whole scenario, here are some vital lessons to learn.

Firstly, always be good to people, even if you don't know them.

If the driver didn't possess a good heart, then he wouldn't have returned the money. The Nigerian economy is in a very difficult crisis where it is becoming hard to earn a living. The driver is truly a man of good intentions even to people he doesn't know, which brought him the reward.

On the other hand, if the driver had spent the money, his conscience would be at unrest because the money didn't come from his hard work.

(Photo Credit: BBC news Pidgin)

Secondly, be diligent and passionate about your work.

The Keke driver had passion about his work, which is another reason why he didn't keep the money to himself. If he wasn't passionate, he could have taken the money to start an entirely new business or sell off his Tricycle to purchase a Car.

(Photo Credit: BBC news Pidgin)

Having passion for your work will take you to greater heights, no matter the circumstances. Doing what you love to do not only makes you happy but also keeps you focused at all time.

In essence, always be good to people, have passion for your work and remain diligent.

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