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(Fiction) It's My Birthday Today.

It was rainy night, with the help of her husband, she was taken to the five storeys hospital. She knew the child will be a girl since her first child was a girl, second was a boy, so third will be a girl.

While waiting for the doctor, she stared next to the woman by her side, a pregnant woman like her but with complications, they smiled at each other, giving themselves hope through the mind.

She felt a sharp pain, but was unable to talk, she rang the bell, the nurse and the doctor came in, they measured but it wasn't time yet.

She laid back, her husband was outside moving impatiently about the hospital, while the other children were with Their aunt at home sleeping.

While laying on the hospital bed she thought about things, experiencing the same pain of labour, curiously wondered what they will name the baby, lots of thousand thoughts ran through her head while still in pain.

Her body went stuff, she knew it was time but the nurse told her to wait for few hours, she could feel her womb shifting, as the baby couldn't wait any longer. She tried to call for help but couldn't speak, her mouth was moving but nothing could be heard, the pain hit different places that she couldn't understand if she was carrying a triplet, she made a silent prayer.

The pain hit again in a more aggressive way, she felt like drowning, she look into the eyes of the pregnant woman beside her and the woman looked back, but she couldn't say anything, the woman saw the pain in her eyes and understood what was happening, she rang the bell and shouted for a doctor.

The chief doctor was by luck passing by, he heard the sound and rushed in, he saw her state and rushed her to the labour room, and the child was born. She felt relieved and held her baby then slept off.

The nurse and the doctor were invited for questioning, had it been that they had waited for the remaining hours to come, what would have happened to the woman and her child? What would have happened if the other pregnant woman wasn't there?

She told the chief doctor not to worry, all that matters is that she gave birth safely and her baby was healthy that was the joy in her mind.

She thanked the other pregnant woman, praying to God to give her the same grace.

The baby was really beautiful that the parent couldn't help it, they called the baby "Gold".

Content created and supplied by: Undergraduatecopy (via Opera News )

My Birthday


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