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The dreamer killer, my best enemy.

What is that thing that has been hampering your dreams in life? What are those big dreams of yours that are never realized? Your dreams are so paramount to your everyday existence. When you do not dream, reality is far from you because it is only those who dream that work into turning their dreams into reality. It serves as your number one pacesetter in life. No one can take away your dream . They are like a guide to what you truly want . Its importance in your existence cannot be overemphasized .

A lot of us dream ,so many wake up with beautiful feelings of having dreamt. But unfortunately these dreams are never achieved, reality is far from them. It all died prematurely

There are those who dreamt of owning the best cars, houses, business ventures etc but did not come anywhere close to achieving that. I know you see people everyday in their condition and say to yourself" did not these people ever have a dream,did not they have plans for their life?" You probably shook your head and thought they were worthless people.

Listen! Everyone once had a dream. I remember when we were younger,we sat among ourselves claiming we were going to become doctors,lawyers,engineers,pilots etc. All these are dreams but only very few of us had what it takes to go after these dreams of ours. Most of our dreams were killed prematurely. It was not able to find a place to stay and bosom. The arrow of the dream killer hit them.

The great dream killer kills our dream through our own permission. We give it the needed equipment to kill our joy ignorantly. Since my realization of who this dream killer is ,I have learnt to regard it as my greatest enemy. I wake up each day to nurture my dreams and rage against that killer that pulls the trigger with so much precision. The greatest killer of dreams is the lack of self belief. Self belief is the first ingredient your dream needs to stay alive. It is believing in your ability to complete a task and achieve its success. Self belief or efficacy is the way one perceives or sees oneself irrespective of other people's opinions.

To live your dream you must always be confident,you must be daring because it is not everyone that really wants to see your dreams flourishing. Your needed ingredients in making your dreams come true are embedded in self efficacy. Self belief comes first before any other thing. Believing in yourself will birth all other things you need to become a dream liver. You do not expect anyone to believe in you without you first believing in yourself. People do not believe in others until they begin to see results. You therefore cannot expect others to believe in you when you have no evidence as to why they should place their trust in you.

Always know this " No one will believe in you until you start showing up with success". If you lack self belief your hope of turning your dreams into reality is so far punctured that it can no longer be featured in the beautiful future of those with self belief. Develop belief in yourself to kill that dream killer in you .

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