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5 Things You Should Always Consider Before Renting a House

When looking for a house to rent, many intending tenants usually pay the rent quickly without considering some important things which can come back to haunt them later.

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Once the house rent money is paid, the tenant is now at the mercy of the landlord and will likely not be able to do anything till the rent expires.

So, it is very important to consider a lot of things before paying for rent because if you don't, many factors can make your life miserable for the entire time you are going to live in that house.

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Here Are 5 Things You Must Consider Before Renting a House

1. The Roofing: many houses given up for rent are old houses. Even when landlords renovate their houses, they usually ignore the roof of the house instead, they repaint the ceiling to make it look new. Always observe how old the roof of the house is and whether there are patches that look like patches caused by a leaking roof.

This will help you determine if the roof is leaking or not. Except if you have an urgent need for a house, it is always advisible to house hunt during raining season.

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2. Cracks: It is important to check for cracks in the wall. When a house starts cracking it often means that, either the house was built with substandard materials or, the house is a very old house.

Deep cracks in a house might indicate that the house can collapse at any time. So, it important not to rent house that have many deep cracks on its walls.

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3. The Environment: always survey the environment where the house is located. There are three things to look out for when surveying the environment of the house you want to rent. Firstly you must check for flooding, secondly check for the crime rate there and how secure that environment is from criminals.

Lastly check for the kind of business around that area because, it is not very healthy to raise children near hotels and bars.

Image: Daily Monitor

4. Water: people can't live without water. Many of houses have boreholes and water tanks which makes water accessible to tenants of that house. Before, renting a house make sure that the house has a borehole in it.

If the house does not have a borehole, then make sure that the distance between where you can fetch water is not far from the house to avoid inconvenience and stress.

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5. Plumbing: the toilets and kitchen are some of the must important parts a house. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the plumbing work of the house does not have any type of problem before paying for it.

Other things you need to consider is electricity, how far the road is from the house, how neat the compound is and your neighbours.

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