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Top 5 Tallest buildings in the world

The world's tallest artificial structure is the 829.8-metre-tall (2,722 ft) Burj Khalifa in Dubai (of the United Arab Emirates). The building gained the official title of "tallest building in the world" and the tallest self-supported structure at its opening on January 9, 2010. 

Construction started -- 6 January 2004

Completed -- 1 October 2009

Cost -- US$1.5 billion.

Shanghai Tower 'Shanghai Center Building') is a 128-story, 632-meter (2,073 ft)-tall mega-tall skyscraper in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. It is the world's second-tallest building by height to architectural top and it shares the record (along with the Ping An Finance Center) of having the world's highest observation deck within a building or structure at 562 m. It had the world's second-fastest elevators at a top speed of 20.5 meters per second (74 km/h; 46 mph) until 2017.

Construction started -- 21 November 2008

Completed - 2 September 2014

Cost -- CN¥15.7 billion.

The Abraj Al-Bait Towers is a government-owned complex of seven skyscraper hotels in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. These towers are a part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project that aims to modernize the city in catering to its pilgrims. Is the third-tallest building and fifth-tallest freestanding structure in the world.

Construction started -- 2004

Completed -- 2012

Cost -- $15 billion

The Ping An International Finance Center (also known as the Ping An IFC) is a 115-story, 599 m (1,965 ft) supertall skyscraper in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The building was commissioned by Ping An Insurance and designed by the American architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. It was completed in 2017, becoming the tallest building in Shenzhen, the 2nd tallest building in China and the 4th tallest building in the world. It also broke the record of having the highest observation deck in a building at 562.2 m (1,844 ft).

Construction started -- 2010

Completed -- March 28, 2017

Cost -- $1.5 billion (USD, estimated.

Lotte World Tower is a 555.7-metre (1,823 ft), 123-story skyscraper located in Seoul, South Korea. It opened to the public on April 11, 2017, and is currently the tallest building in South Korea and the fifth tallest in the world.

Construction started -- February 1, 2011

Completed -- December 22, 2016.

Cost --

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Burj Khalifa Pudong Shanghai Shanghai Tower US$1.5


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