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5 Activities That Makes The Christmas Season Interesting in Igbo land

It is a popular saying that there is no place like home. This is why the Christians from the southeastern part of Nigeria always visits their hometowns during the festive season of Christmas.

The Christmas season is a season people eagerly wait for in the Southeastern part of Nigeria, not only for the holiday but for several other reasons. This reason is why people from the Igbo tribe make out time to travel back to their hometown. There are some activities people always anticipate during this season, they are;

1) Family Bonding/Kindred Meeting; This is the usual annual meeting/get together organized by various families, Kindred, clan etc

2) Ceremonies: Due to the large crowd that usually travel back for the Christmas celebration, Events such as Wedding, Burial, Anniversary etc are usually fixed during this period.

3) Cultural festivals; Cultural festivals like Ofala and Masquerade festivals are held during this period.

4) To find a Spouse: A lot of young men who are in need of a wife usually travel back to their hometown to search and pick a bride.

5) For little Children, the Christmas period is the time to sample their brand new clothes and for seeing masquerades. It is a time to visit the village stream or river.

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