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7 Psychological Benefits of Tears

Crying is not cowardly. Despite this, we tend to flee from sadness and crying as if these were our worst enemies. So much so that on many occasions when we end up crying we even feel weak and vulnerable. Crying is not a bad thing, although a large part of popular wisdom thinks so.

Why do we cry?

Normally it is avoided by all means that it is noticed when one is not happy since we avoid at all costs emotions negative. The problem arises since we cannot run away from something that we carry inside and that is essential for people.

Sadness is a primary emotion and, therefore, it is necessary for every human being. The problem is that we insist on hiding it because we do not like sadness and its meaning.

Despite this, sadness helps us detect something that is not going well, that we do not like, that we have to change or simply accept. Feeling sad and crying is a sign that you need to change something that is wrong with you.

There are problems that can be solved and ending up crying helps to realize and solve it. On the other hand, there are other problems that cannot be solved (such as the loss of a loved one) and in that case there is only the option to vent and release the pain, letting the emotion flow and allowing the necessary time to recover.

In this way, we could say that crying is a natural response to a wide variety of emotions that we can feel at a given moment. Among the main reasons why a person expresses himself through crying we can find sadness, pain, joy and frustration.

Crying is good and it has also been shown that men and women cry much more than what can be seen at first glance. The funny thing about crying is that we are the only animals that cry. Despite this, there are a series of benefits of crying that allow us a greater advantage over other species that do not have this ability.

Why do we avoid crying?

The tears have the function of releasing the tension of the body. We cry when we feel a lot of joy, when we put ourselves in the place of other people, we cry with anger, with helplessness and we also cry with sadness. Whenever we do it, it is because we have a lot of accumulated emotion and we need to expel it. 

This expulsion from the body is done through tears and when it occurs, it generates relief and well-being. Our body acts with the emotions as if it were a reservoir. When it reaches its maximum capacity, it needs to open the floodgates and let the water flow in order to continue accumulating for the next rains.

In addition, tears help reduce anxiety, makes us congruent with what we feel, tenses and relaxes our body and makes us eliminate toxins. As you can see, crying and allowing yourself to be sad is brave as it makes you face what you feel. 

We censor ourselves since we were little because adults impose it on us and we end up incorporating it into our value system very early on. Not showing negative emotions makes us proud and does not recognize our own sensitivity. Being sensitive does not mean being weak, it means being human. Therefore, crying is good for our emotional health.

Benefits of crying

Now that you know what causes crying and why we cry , it is important to highlight the benefits of crying. Although we avoid at all costs to be in the situation of a crying person, crying is good for many reasons. Here we will show you the most important ones for your psychological and mental health.

1. Calming effect

Crying with emotion, crying with joy or crying a lot out of sadness allows us to relieve ourselves of all the emotions that we have accumulated in our body.

So much so that by crying the body manages to regulate the feelings we have and reduce the anguish that we can feel in a specific situation. In this way, various studies have shown that crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us relax.

2. You get the support of others

Going to tears can sometimes mean breaking a barrier before others. In this way, sometimes a crying person not only tries to calm himself, but also tries to seek help from others. In this way, getting the support of others allows us to have certain social or intrapersonal benefits that may be of great help to overcome certain obstacles in our life.

3. Helps relieve pain

The tears not only exert a self-calming effect, but also to mourn our body releases the oxytocin and endorphins both. These two chemicals allow us to feel better and help us relieve our physical and emotional pain. Therefore, by allowing ourselves to cry we are helping ourselves to cope with certain difficult situations.

4. Improves mood

On many occasions crying and crying make us feel better and lift our spirits. That is why sometimes people can cry with joy because the body seeks to improve our mood and take it to the maximum happiness.

5. Releases toxins and relieves stress

Sometimes we end up crying because of a response to excess stress that we are suffering. So much so that our tears contain the so-called stress hormone among other chemicals. In this way, researchers have been able to verify that crying could reduce the levels of these precise substances in the body and therefore, we would reduce stress.

6. Helps us sleep

It has been proven that crying can allow us to enjoy sleep more and even combat insomnia generated by anxiety, depression and stress. This is due to all the calming effects that tears have on our body.

7. Helps to have more emotional strength

When a person cries , what they are doing is recognizing each of their emotions and facing them head-on. On the contrary, in cases in which individuals avoid or ignore negative feelings, these types of attitudes can be detrimental to their mental health and even cause anxiety or certain disorders depressive. When we accept our emotions, we are trying to overcome our negative thoughts and seek a solution to this situation.

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