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PHOTOS: See What The Kaaba's Interior Looks Like

Inside the Kaaba, there are eight stones enhanced with Arabic calligraphy, these were composed after the sixth century AH.

In a space that does not surpass 180 meters square, the Kaaba contains three wooden columns which hold the Kaaba's roof. 

The wood used is probably the strongest sort of wood and they were put by the prophet's companion Abdullah.

They are over 1,350 years old and are dim brown. The edge of every segment is around 150 centimeters while the distance across is 44 centimeters. 

Every segment has a squared wooden base. Between these three columns, there is a pillar from which the Kaaba's gifts are suspended. This pillar passes through each of the three columns and its sides stretch out toward the northern and southern walls.

There are many decorations of stones and Arabic calligraphy written on stones inside the Kaaba. The floor of the Kaaba is made of marbles.

Here are photos of what the kaaba's interior looks like.

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Arabic Kaaba


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