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Don't throw your coconut shell away, here are some beautiful items that can be made from it.

Coconut has contributed greatly to our society ranging from being a fruit which helps in good health, it's oil can be used for moisturizing and even the least part of it, like the shell can be used for decoration.

Coconut is generally know as a fruit from coconut palm. It could be eaten as food or used for medicinal purposes.

It's oil can be used as a moisturizer, because of its moisturizing property it makes an effective lube and helps in longlasting intercourse . It helps women undergoing menopause.

Coconut are generally rich in manganese and potassium, it helps in the formation of bones . They are also rich in copper and iron which builds a strong red blood cells.

Due to ignorance many people ignore the usefulness of the shell most people go as far as using as firewood to ignite fire.

Do not throw your coconut shell away below are useful things that can be made from it .

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