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4 Ways To Apologize Effectively And Sincerely When You Do Wrong

It's necessary you apologize anytime you realize you've wronged someone. At one point or another we err. And the wrong may cause other person pain. You apologize because you are not proud of what you have did and you want the other person to forgive you. Good apologize serves to motivate the person who was wronged to forgive. 

In this article I would like to share with you some ideas that would help when you want to make an apology.

1) Your body language count as much as your choice of language. Use body language to make impression and convey your emotions while expressing apology. Use facial expressions and other body gestures to convey your emotions.

2) Trying to justify your actions will add to the grief. Don't justify your actions, rather explain your intention to the person. Justifying your actions makes your apology seem insincere.

3) Avoid "but" and "you" in your statement when making apology. To make an effective apology you need to avoid the above words. Because they sound like you are trying to push the blame on the other person. And that could result in further disagreement.

4) Let him or her know how you intend to make amend to avoid reoccurrence in the future. Assuring the person that the mistake is not likely to be repeat in future will motivate the person to forgive you.

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