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Four Sign Languages That Are Done With The Hand, And What They Mean

Sign language is one of the few ways humans communicate, and a lot of people use it to pass secret messages.

In this article, we'll be looking at four sign languages that are done with the hand, and what they indicate.

1. Crossed fingers

This hand gesture has been in existence for many years and it signifies good luck. Over 100 years ago, people placed their fingers on that of the person they want to wish luck, in a form of a cross. However, the gesture evolved into doing it with one hand.

A lot of people in European countries use it to wish themselves luck.

2. When someone tickles your palm with their finger

People use this hand sign to let others know that they would love to get intimate with them, and it is mainly used on the opposite gender.

research shows that many shy people feel safer using this sign on someone they wish to get intimate with.

3. The OK sign

This hand gesture is very popular, and people use it to tell others that things are going well, or the message is well received. It is mainly used in places where communicating with words is difficult.

4. The V sign

This sign is a bit different from other hand gestures because its meaning is partially dependent on how the hand is positioned.

(The V sign with the palm facing outwards)

If the palm is facing outwards, it indicates Peace. In some countries like South Africa, India, Pakistan, UK, the V sign is an insult when the palm is facing the person giving it.

(V sign with the palm facing the person giving it)

There are many other hand gestures, knowing how to use them properly can come in handy for you someday.

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