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Truths about coconut that you did not know

in this article we will talk about a popular fruit (coconut) and that which we need to know about it.

Coconut have so many uses from its day one ( when it was just planted) till maturity. This are some things you should know about coconut.

1. THE COCONUT TREE WOOD: The coconut tree has so so many uses such as; rafters, piling, support, post, and others building components.

2. There are women who earn a living by planting these leaves and making them into large shingles like piece of roofing material in some villages.

3. Kitchen accessories: for ages people have been using coconut in there kitchens and what they use it for/serve as is cups, spoon and ladles, soup bowls and scoops.

4. The coconut husks: The coconut husks are used in making floor mats, rugs, carpets, brushes, brooms and mattresses.

5. Human consumption: It also serve as food to man at all stage of its growth. The immature coconut is a pure nutritious beverage having a very pleasant taste and the matured one can be eaten ordinarily or can be use in preparation of delicious coconut rice, etc.

6. It is also use in making oil ( coconut oil) .

And coconut milk which is use in enhancing the flavour of fish, chicken, beans, rice, potatoes, cassava and bread. And it also does wonders for curry taste.

There are so many more things that coconut do but this are some of them above.

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