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How to Attract Consumer Attention.

Gaining attention has never been an easy affair; with the growth of social platforms and a wide range of content and content providers, it has become even harder. According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, USA, the average person’s attention span is 8 seconds, 1 second less than that of a goldfish, mind blowing right? How is your new business supposed to survive in an environment like this? There are distractions constantly struggling to take the attention of your target consumer, and if you do not up your game, it would be totally impossible to pass your message across to your intended audience. Attracting attention is an endeavor that requires being intentional and not leaving anything to chance, this means being detailed in your approach. Below are tips on how to attract consumer attention.

Be Brief: since it has been established at the beginning of this article that our attention span as humans is declining rapidly, it is important to be brief, concise, simple, and clear. Structure all messages and posts with 8 seconds in mind. When presenting your product, it is important to assume that your reader would get distracted, therefore make sure all or most of your basic points fall within the first 8 seconds, make the font of your text big, simple, and readable, this way your point can be read within a shorter time frame. Ensure that you give out vital information.

Be Unique: with the influx of business in the online world, it is very difficult not to have competitions in your field of business, whatever that business is. Therefore, it is important to find and enhance your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). What exactly is the selling point of your business, you cannot do what everybody in the business has been doing and expect to get special attention without the leverage of time. What is your business’ selling point, this is what differentiates you from your competition, and this is what your target consumers are interested in, why should they abandon one brand for yours? Building on your difference and your uniqueness will help get you the attention you are looking for.

Identify Pain Points: to get a person’s attention, you need to talk about something that affects them, this means if what you are talking about does not concern them, there is every chance that they would not pay attention to whatever you have to say. Identifying consumer pain points is important to capturing consumer attention. No matter how loyal a consumer is to a certain brand, if that brand fails to meet their specific needs, they start looking for something better, this is why your business should be that better thing. If your business meets a need that your competition does not, it is important to leverage on that, as this can get you the attention your business needs to thrive. Do your research, identify a problem that is not being solved by your competition and try to solve it.

Give Attention: the golden rule applies here. You cannot get attention if you don’t give attention. How much attention do you pay to your existing customers, because in most cases, this determines the level of attention you get. The more attention you pay to your target consumers, the quicker you would be able to identify their pain points. The more your customer exist in your thought, the more you will be able to formulate policies and improvements to your business that would favour them.

Appeal to the Emotions: people are bound to spend time on an article or post that makes them laugh or even shocks them. Use human emotions when designing your content, if you write or package your content as though you are planning to pass them across to robots, humans will hardly read them. From time to time, shock your audience with an unbelievable discount, this will keep them interested in your business.

Personal Encounter: as powerful as digital media has become; one should not rule out the importance of personal encounter in gaining attention. Organize physical activities from time to time, this can help your growing business gain attention.

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