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FICTION: He Dress As A Mad Man To Ask My Hand In Marriage And I Rejected Him, See What He Did

We all have made mistake to a point that when we discover it we starts to regret our actions. In my case I was too carried away with appearance of people without thinking about their inner beauty. We have one way the other condemned, killed and abused people because of their appearance. My actions and ignorance have made me to loose my dream of marrying a wealthy man. As a young girl growing up I always said to my friends that I will marry a wealthy man that will wiped away the povernty in my house and my husband will feed people and they will be working under him. That was my dream when I was growing up, I kept remembering it so that I won't fall into wrong hands.

I was too full at myself to a point that any man that comes close to me I don't give them face especially when their appearance was odd. I keep doing this and my mother and friends was worried about my actions. As a beautiful girl I told them they should not worry that my dream man will come. Anytime am working on the road I kept seeing a man following and calling me, I ignored him because he looked like a mad man. Several times this thing happened to me and I stopped following the direction but I didn't know he has located my house.

On a fateful day I came back where I went to and my mother called that someone is looking for me and I asked who could that be and she said a man. I was happy I quickly rushed to see him, unfortunately I saw the mad man that has been following and calling me, I asked him what he wants? To my surprised he said he wants to marry me. I was mad at him at that point and pushed him out chased him away, my mother was calming me down. How can a mad man came to ask me to marry him, my mother said he may not really be a mad man because with the way he talks and behaves is not a mad man. I was too carried away with my dreams and beauty, he kept coming to me and I warned him never to come to my house.

My mother sat me down and warned me the way I chased men away that it will affect me one day. I told her I know what am doing, my dream man will come. Months later, my best friend gave me her wedding card I was happy and sad at the same time. I asked God when will my own come, she started making the marriage arrangement. I was not in myself the day of the wedding, I felt like staying back but I made up my mind to go because she may think I was jealous of her.

When I got there she introduced me to her husband, and the person called my name I was shocked. She asked if we know each other and I said no, then I asked him if he know me and he said yes. He started to explain he was the man that dressed like a mad man to asked me to marry him, I was shocked and speechless. He said the last day he came to my house he lost his money but he was going when he met my friend hawking snacks and soft drinks. He begged her to give him something to eat and some money that he lost his wallet. That is how they became friends, i feel down crying bitterly.

I could not bear the shame and they left me, I was in the corner looking at them as they dance. I came to discovered that the man came from America to look for a wife. He has 4 companies, 2 in Nigeria and the other two in America this increased my tears. When I got home I could not explain to my mother what happened. I missed the chances of marrying a wealthy man, how can I cope with it and am still heart broken.

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