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Benefits Of Drinking Cold Water

We all know how good it is to take water and how important it is to drink enough water daily. You should aim at drinking atleast 8 glasses of water per day in order to stay hydrated and to gain all the mental and physical health benefits that come with it. 

There's a misconception that drinking cold water is very bad for you, that it can even kill you and make someone who is not asthmatic patient to be one, That isn't all true. The truth is body regulates the temperature of water consumed, be it cold, hot or warm.

However, drinking cold water while you have any chronic condition that results in slower digestion isn't a good idea, like for example someone who's naturally asthmatic is adviced not to take cold water as a result of his or her condition, so taking Cold Water in a chronic condition is not advisable.

Cold water just as hot or warm water has its own health benefits too. 

But however as everyone's attitude different so also do people's immune system differ, there are those who suffer from delay in digestion that is the food they eat however takes a longer time to digest, for them it is not advisable for them to take cold water as it takes the body longer time to digest cold water. And also it is not advisable taking Cold Water after heavy meal for those who suffer slow digestion other than that taking Cold Water Is good.

Benefits Of Drinking Cold Water

Drinking cold water makes it easier for your body to maintain a lower core temperature, Drinking cold water during exercise can help keep your body from overheating and make your workout session more successful.

This is probably because drinking cold water makes it easier for your body to maintain a lower core temperature.

It is also believed that drinking cold water helps people lose weight faster because the body has to work harder to warm it.

Drinking cold water in the morning can help prevent and cure headache.

Drinking cold water in the morning aids with constipation and stomach upset.

Drinking enough plain water daily, wether cold or hot energises your body throughout the day.

But as the doctor will always say to much of everything is not good.

So taking much if cold or to much of hot water is not good either.

So try to compliment the both.

Take cold when you are hot take hot when you are cold.

What about you? What temperature of water do you drink? And how much water do you drink daily?

What Other Misconception you think Cold Water Has As A Danger Let's Discuss.

I hope this helps someone please share!

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