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Himba Ladies Are Known For Bathing With Smoke, Check Out How "Smoke Bath" Works In The Human Body

Washing the body is a way of keeping clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The process of cleaning our bodies with water is common and it's part of our lifestyle in the modern and civilized world.

While bathing with water could be considered 'necessary' and crucial in our civilized world, people like ladies of the Himba tribe aren't so familiar with washing themselves with water. Ladies of the Himba tribe are famous for three major facts.

• They do take care of more responsibilities at home than men.

• They're offered to male guests to spend a night with them.

• They don't bathe with water.

Ladies of the Himba tribe aren't allowed to bathe with water and this practice dates right back to the great drought when only men were allowed to bathe with water because of water scarcity.

Himba Ladies

The Himba ladies do practice what they call smoke baths to keep themselves clean and maintain personal hygiene.

They do this by adding charcoal into a bowl filled with herbs such as tiny branches and leaves. After this, they wait patiently for smoke from the bowl to ascend and they cover themselves with a blanket to trap the smoke.

Himba ladies cleaning themselves

Their body reacts by sweating because of the heat caused by the smoke, they clean their body by using their sweat. In other words, this could be also called a "sweat bath".

How sweat works

Sweat In our body is released by what they call sweat glands, according to doctor Leona Yip, sweat is a natural way of preventing the body from overheating, it explains why we sweat after taking a long walk, run, jog, or any stressful activity.

Illustration of the sweat glands

Our sweat act as a natural way to cool off the surface of our skin when our body overheats. Sweat released from our body also acts as a natural cleanser, it purges the skin of dirt, salt and minerals, oils, bacteria, and other sorts of impurities on the skin.

In other words, sweat serves the purpose of cooling off the body and cleansing the surface of the skin. Cleaning off your sweat immediately after sweating is necessary, that is how the 'magic' works. Cleaning off your sweat after sweating makes the skin surface neat and cool.

However, sweats could be harmful to our skin if it stays too long without cleaning it off, it could trigger acne, unpleasant smell, and other skin irritations.

The Himba ladies bath by cleaning their bodies while sweating, it may not be as effective as water and soap but it's a good alternative that has worked nicely for the Himba ladies. 

Have you noticed that whenever you clean off your sweat with a white handkerchief, the color of the handkerchief changes to brown and the cleaned area of your skin becomes neat? That explains the effectiveness of the Himba style of bathing.

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