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Stop Saying "I Want to Toast That Girl," Say This Instead and More Corrections

English is one language that seems easy but in actuality is very difficult. It is difficult in the sense that very few people actually know how to make error free expressions especially in this part of the world. Though English is the lingua franca, alot of people still make serious mistakes in the language especially when making expressions.

As a result, we are going to have a look at some of the common expressions we make erroneously without even knowing and the correct ones. Just sit tight and learn because the only way to improve in English is always trying to acquire more knowledge. Open mindedness is necessary if you want to be good in speaking English.

1. Don't say "I want to toast that girl" it is wrong and ungrammatical. The correct expression is "I want to woo that girl".

2. Don't say "There is no single water in the tank" this is very common but not correct at all. The correct expression is "There is no drop of water in the tank". Reason being that water is not a countable noun and as such using single renders the whole expression ungrammatical.

3. It is incorrect to say "The Lady is a gossiper" say this instead "The lady is a gossip". Most people use gossiper because it looks more correct not knowing that English language doesn't work that way.

4. Don't say "Her sister is a Professional Cooker" that's a wrong expression because the word "cooker" is ungrammatical. The correct expression is "Her sister is a professional cook".

5. Don't say "Your Voice is Cracking While Making Call" this is very common but very wrong also. The right expression is "The Line is Breaking" or "I can't hear you, Network is fluctuating".

Thanks, I believe you learnt something new in this piece? Follow the handle and also share this article to friends.

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English I Want to Toast That Girl


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