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Five things you should stop doing if you want people to start respecting you

Everyone values and respect him/herself and doesn't want to be disrespected in any way. In as much as this might sound simple and pleasant, yet there are other things that you may do that always make people to disrespct you.

In this article, I will share with you five things that you should never do if you don't want people to start disrespecting you.

The First thing you should avoid is trying too hard to please others. I know we live in a world and time were we all want to feel among some certain groups of people or want to feel among, thereby making us to try everything possible in order to feel accepted. In as much as this could be harmless or even fun to fit into a group, it is also worth knowing that you are in danger of losing yourself if you try too hard.

Why would you do something you wouldn't normally do to please others? Or why would you say something foolish in order to sound cool? You can now see that it doesn't worth it at the end and you stand the chance of losing your self-respect in the process. Contrary to popular opinion and believe, I can tell you that if is OK to be different.

The second thing you should never do is talking too much.

In this sense, I'm not saying you should be mute all the time but you should think about something before you say it or you might regret it either immediately or later. No one need to hear you talk all the time, and besides, when you do all the talking there's no room for learning something new.

Taking this to a professional level, people who just talk way too much are often seen as less smart than those who just keep quiet and observe things first.

The third thing is that you should never fail to take good care of yourself at all times. I mean, people will always judge you on appearance no matter what you think. Appearing dirty and unkept is a sign that you don't even hold yourself in high regard. And if you fail to hold yourself in high regards, others will see you in thesame vein.

For you to be respected, treat yourself the way you want people to treat you as everything eventually starts from you.

The fourth thing you should not do is to promise what you cannot fulfil. There's a popular saying that suggests that you shouldn't make promises when you are happy or feeling good. What this implies is that feelings come and go, but a promise must be fulfilled or kept! If you're in the habit of making promises for fun and never took the time to fulfill any of them, them you need to stop before people start taking you less serious which will inevitably lead to disrespect.

As a man with honour and dignity, it is better not to make a promise than to make one and failing to keep it.

The fifth and the last thing you should avoid if you don't want to lose your self-respect respect is that you should always let your actions speak louder than words.

A man who always say something and doesn't do it is causing more harm to himself than others because he will end up losing at the end. People don't like and respect those who only talk about something and don't do it. So you should learn how to follow up your words with actions.

So this is all for now, and thanks for going through this piece. Please don't forget to share and comment on the article if you find it helpful.

Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )


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