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10 Awkward Moments We Can All Relate To

We all get embarrassed every now and then, no matter how much we despise it. We may feel extremely awful about it, but in the end, it is just a funny thing that is unavoidable and completely normal. So, look at some very awkward instances that we all find troubling but have no reason to scold ourselves about.

1. When a teacher comes up to a student in the row next to you at school and tries to squeeze between you and that student. That awkward moment when you try to avoid her body touching you is always memorable.

2. Not hearing what someone said several times: When you're having a conversation with someone and don't hear what they're saying, you ask them to repeat it, and they do. But you still don't hear it, so you ask them to repeat it, which they do. And you still do not know what they said. At that point, you pretend you heard it, nod your head, smile, and hope for the best.

3. When you have to explain a funny joke you just told. At that moment, you felt uncomfortable, but you just have to explain it.

4. When you accidentally touch someone in an inappropriate place on crowded public transportation and pretend it wasn't you as the person glances around.

5. When you show someone a photo on your phone and they start scrolling, and you know there are pictures they probably shouldn't see. In such a situation, our brain works as fast as possible to come up with a genuine excuse.

6. Getting ignored: Saying hi to someone and being completely ignored. It's even worse when someone you know is present and notices you being ignored.

7. When your stomach growls loudly in a quiet place. You squeezed, you adjusted, you tried everything to stop it, but it eventually sounded. You only help yourself by smiling or giving some silly excuses.

8. Forgetting someone's name: When you've had several conversations with someone but can't remember their name but it's too late to confess it, so you just have to call them my brother or my beautiful sister.

9. Cooling down story: When you tell a story in a group but realize in the middle that no one is actually listening anymore, you gradually become quiet and hope no one notices.

10. Watching an intimate scene in a movie with your parents sitting right next to you.

These awkward moments are a humorous thing that is inescapable and perfectly normal, therefore, there is no need to beat yourself up if you have experienced any of these moments. Simply have fun and live your life. Which of these awkward is familiar to you?

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