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10 Helpful Security Tips You Should Not Ignore This Festive Season

These 10 helpful hints will provide you with basic preventative measures that you may start using in your daily life especially as the festive season draws nearer:

1. Keep an eye on your surroundings at all times: When we're out and about, it's easy to get lost in our little worlds; be aware and keep an eye out for anything that doesn't seem safe or makes you feel uncomfortable.

2. Don't overburden yourself with luggage: Make an effort to keep one hand free. Your capacity to defend yourself is hampered if you have both hands full of large Christmas shopping bags. If at all feasible, share your luggage with a friend who is traveling with you.

3. Observe Visitors: Always inspect and vet outside bodies that come to your house. Some are hoodlums who pose as NPF or PHCN personnel. Always keep an eye on such people and guests and keep a safe distance from them.

4. Always take open and busy paths: Use the illuminated paths instead of wandering across open and dark regions. It can take a little longer, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

5. Avoid headsets while walking public space: Don't go for a walk while wearing both headphones...could you hear someone approaching? Traveling with headphones is popular, but entirely filtering out the sounds around you is harmful. Your ears serve as a warning system if someone is approaching you from behind.

6. Be cautious about where and how you park your vehicle: Choose a well-lit area away from pillars and reverse into a position; driving forward is considerably simpler than reversing, especially in stressful or frightening situations. It's also a good idea to never leave your keys in the ignition, even if it's only for a minute, and to lock your doors both when driving and when parked. Your car's unlocked doors and keys make it an attractive target for a burglar looking for a quick buck. If you believe you are being followed, whether by automobile or on foot, don't stop until you reach a location with a large number of people.

7. Control your social status: Resist the need to announce your location to the entire world. Do you know who's keeping an eye on you? It's simpler than ever in the age of social media to let the world know what you're up to at any given time. Never underestimate the reach of your internet content. Posting about your holiday intentions on social media might attract predators or even criminals to your unoccupied property.

8. Take proper precautions before attending a party: Are you going to a party? Never leave the house without a plan for returning home. It's party season, which means many of us will be spending time with friends and family or going out to celebrate the new year. Make sure you plan ahead of time, knowing where you're going, who'll be there, and how you'll get home. It's a good idea to keep some additional cash on you (hidden) in case of an emergency.

9. Accepting beverages from strangers should be done with caution: There's always the possibility that someone will add an incapacitating substance. Keep an eye on your beverages to avoid them from being tampered with, and if someone you don't know gives you a drink, make sure nothing terrible is added. Don't be tempted to drink more than your limit because you're in a celebratory mood. Alcohol might impair your capacity to make sound decisions and place you in a vulnerable situation.

10. When taking a cab, only utilize licensed taxis: Find a service that you can rely on and that you will use regularly. Take a photo of the license plate and email it to a friend. If possible, share a taxi with a companion and always sit in the rear. If you're traveling alone, notify a buddy of your plans and send them a message letting them know you've arrived safely, so they can keep an eye out for you. No matter how charming a chatty driver appears, never hand out personal information to them. Model a mental note of the driver's name, as well as the make and color of the vehicle.

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