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3 Ideologies About Money You Need To Change.

One thing people have to understand is that making money is first and foremost a thing of the mind, one thing many people don't know is that the mindset which guides how you think is extremely powerful, feed it with the wrong information and all your actions will be done based on that.

Before you take a step forward, try to ask yourself, what knowledge do I need to acquire and which do I discard. To make money, you have to destroy all negative associations with it first. Here are some myths that you need to exclude from your mindset.

1. Money is the root of all evil

This is the most common and it is a lie, I know some people are saying: "well, why are you going against the Bible", no I am not, listen carefully, the Bible said the love of money is the root of all evil. Understand that the love of money and money itself are 2 different things, when you love money to the extent you will commit terrible crimes for it, that is the evil , money itself is never evil.

You see when you believe this stuff, your mind goes like; okay, money is evil so why should I make money, I don't want to be evil right, this might be the reason you miss some opportunities. Money is a tool and any tool can be used for good or evil, it all depends on what you intend on doing with it, just like your hand which you can use to strangle someone or prevent someone from falling.

2. Money doesn't buy happiness

Many use this as an excuse, well money doesn't buy happiness, neither does poverty. Everybody knows money can't buy you a best friend or a wife but money can buy drugs for these people when they are ill, money buys choices and these choices make you happy, next time don't use this as an excuse when someone is making money through an opportunity and you're not.

3. There is not enough money to go around

Well, the sort of mindset that thinks of this is called a scarcity mindset, let me tell you something, there are ways to make money just that you have not found one, If you are able to wield that phone in your hand and read this, I promise you there are ways, the first thing you need to go get is knowledge, believe it or not, there are undergraduates making hundreds of thousands per month in this country without going through illegal means, some while they sleep, if you don't believe me then comment below and let me write another article about it.

You see, the first step to doing something is getting rid of negative associations with it, there are more of these myths which are embedded in your mindset invisibly influencing your decisions, before you believe a myth relating to money, think, is it the 99% or the top 1% that believe in it.

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