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Causes of poverty and two rules given by Reno Omokri to eliminate it

Poverty is bad. It causes a low standard of living

In a simple definition, poverty means the inability to provide those basic needs of life. Poverty has destroyed an uncountable number of relationships, it has caused many ill healths and premature deaths.

However, poverty is man-made and can be eliminated by the man himself. Experts say that poverty can be traced to laziness, spending above one's income or inadequate planning, lack of jobs, poor mentality or absence of intelligence, inability to socialize with those that can link you up, bad friends, doing things that are against the law of the land and nature.

If men can be wise and know what led them to poverty, surely that will be a positive step of breaking away from poverty.

On this matter, a Nigerian spokesman, Reno Omokri has taken to his Twitter page and shared two rules that can eliminate poverty in someone's life.

Just as it was stated above, men bring poverty to themselves and the spokesman has mentioned two rules one can adopt to free himself from poverty.

Around us today are men and women living together as husbands and wives without a job or a verified means of livelihood. Not only that, this group of people will go ahead producing children they know that they can not provide for. How can such people be free from poverty?

The two rules Reno Omokri is giving to people with such a negative mentality are:

1. If you don't have a job or business, do not marry.

2. Do not think of having kids when you are fully aware that you have no resources to take care of them.

The Spokesman added that if you are thinking of getting married, first of all, get a job or business and if you want to have kids, get a job or business that will yield the resources to care for them.

He wrote, "Almost all poverty can be eliminated if you follow these two rules.

"If you don't have a job or business, do not marry or have kids. If you want to marry or have kids, then get a job or have a business".

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