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Check out boys Lizzy Greene aka Dawn Harper is rumored to have dated

Who has Lizzy Greene aka Dawn Harper dated or is dating? With such striking beauty that Lizzy Greene posses is kinda hard to say she is without a boyfriend. As many people will definitely rush to every opportunity to date her, after all who doesn't like a pretty celebrity like her? Well I know one! Without further or do let's get to know the boys Lizzy Greene has dated, and either or not she is single or in a relationship.

Boys Lizzy Greene is rumored to have dated

1. Lizzy Greene and Mace Coronel

Lizzy Greene better known as Dawn Harper is rumored to have dated her co-star Mace Coronel, who is also better known as Dicky Harper from the Nickledeon sitcom Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. The two were rumored to have dated back in December 2015. Before we continue here are some cute photos of them back then:

2. Lizzy Greene and Richardo Hurtado

Lizzy Greene and Richardo Hurtado were also rumoured to have dated from February to June 2018. Here are the cuties together :

Here are some photos of Lizzy Greene in 2020 all grown up, and in case if you are crushing on her, just to tell you she is currently single. So shot your shot and give her a try if you have the opportunity to.

Who do you think Lizzy Greene was the cutest with among the Mace Colonel and Richardo Hurtado? Let us know in the comment section below.

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