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Bishop Oyedepo's Greatness is based on these facts

Bishop oyedepo is the founder and general overseer of the Living Faith Tabernacle Otta

He was born on the 27th September, 1954. He is married to Faith Abiola Oyedepo with (4) four Healthy children, He is a pastor, an architect, educationist, author and minister. His current net worth is US4150 million .

Now briefly lets go to the five things he did to be great:

A. he is creative: bishop oyedepo is a creative man he has passion for creativity, little wonder also he is a major business man in Africa and beyond. Find your creativity. WHATS YOUR CREATIVITY ?

B. He is focused: Focus is very paramount in getting a desired goal especially when there are lots and lots of distraction around. Focus. ARE YOU FOCUSED ?

C. He is a man of Purpose: when someone has a defined purpose, definitely he or she will move fast and become great in life. Welcome to purpose. WHATS YOUR PURPOSE ?

D. He is an addicted book reader: there is a sayings that says leaders are readers. When you read you explore yourself to major realities of life and practical scenario to establish it. There was a time that he (Oyedepo) went to a nearby primary school field I think daily to digest and explore books savagely. Little wonder the results is showing fort greatly today. ARE YOU A READER ?

E. Giving: Bishop oyedepo is a dangerous and addicted giver. He gives a lot and you know the result in giving right? Abundance. Don’t be stingy and closed-hands. Give and it shall be giving unto you, not with a grudge mind but willingly and with a happy mind. ARE YOU A GIVER ? GIVERS NERVER LACK.

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