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8 Businesses You Can Do As A Lady.

Hardworking and self reliance has been a major quality many people use nowadays in defining a good woman. Any damsel without work or business these days is disregarded by bachelors as they might think she is a lazy type.

Photo credit: Facebook, Relationship gist group.

However, Many girls tend to depend much on what their parents, toasters and friends might give them and this is very wrong for any lady who will want to add dignity and quality to her womanhood.

As a Lady; it is bad for you to stay Idle and here are 10 businesses for you to start with low capital and make money for yourself:

1. Sell Design and print-on-demand T-shirts.

It is no longer a new thing that many people only buy T-shirts to print their desired write-ups and designs on it for the purpose of politics, occasion, souvenirs or identity (i.e, a group or committee). This will serve you better as a Lady who need a business.

Photo credit: Stock photos.

In designing, you need to take a little time and learn online or anywhere T-shirt designs are done. After learning this, I believe you will smile to the profit.

2. Sell print-on-demand posters, stickers and greeting cards.

The use of stickers, greeting cards and posters these days is on the increase as it makes more to fashion nowadays. Venture into selling stickers and make money.

Photo credit: Getty images.

Take a time to study this online or anywhere.

3. Sell handcrafted goods.

Handcrafted goods are produced with less capital and can be crafted at home. Crafting wool caps, cardigans and socks would help you make money instead of being idle.

4. Start a petty business.

Petty businesses such as ingredients would really add up to your account as time goes on.

Photo credit: Africa business community.

5. Sell curtains and bedsheets.

Purchase beautifully designed bedsheets and curtains then sell them by hawking from house to house or find a good location. The below image shows trending curtain design.

Photo credit: Alarmy photos.

6. Sell grinded grains and animal feeds.

Everyone would want to eat rich food and this can be an avenue for you to make some cool cash.

Photo credit: Google, countryside.

Before grinding, Clean the grains by thorough washing and drying. To attract customers, ensure there is a difference between your grain powder and others in times of cleanliness and savour.

In times of animal feeds, ensure you make a rich mixture and sell at an affordable price so as to attract customers.

It will be wise for you to provide awareness to your community at large about the richness of your grain powder.

7. Sell perfumes and creams.

Photo credit: Google.

Good creams and perfumes add to beauty and many people are already making money by selling such cosmetics now.

As a lady, you know what smells good on men and women. Get them and make profit by selling them at higher prices.

8. Bracelets and bids.

It's easy to make bracelets if one can just look closely at anyone who makes it for once.

Photo credit: Google, Dreamstime.

In marketing your bracelets and bids, create an awareness and you can hawk it from house to house.

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