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Skin Care

Bad odour in the private part, here is why and how to prevent it

Having a neat body scent does not take much work or time. Here are a few reasons why you might have bad odor in the private parts of your body. How to prevent them is stated below.

01. Inadequate washing during menstruation

Yes, this is very important and vital information for ladies. Whenever you are on menstruation, do well to take your bath at least three times a day. Why? Because stains left on the skin might cause a smelly body and also infections.

02. Failure to take an adequate bath after having a wet dream

This is also very important to stop smells around the private parts. Whenever you notice this has happened to you, go to the bathroom and have a bath. Also, soak the undies in warm water to kill the germs.

03. Repeated undies for a long period of time

Underwear is not very expensive and we are supposed to change our undies at least every three months. Repeating them will cause that place to smell when the underwear is not washed well, and it will also make us uncomfortable.

04. Unmaintained hairy private part

Shaving of the private part is good because, when you shave, you reduce the possibility of there being a bad odour. If you know you can manage to keep hair around there, you should make sure that you have it cut.

05. Proper taking of bath

This is one way we all know how to keep our bodies clean, but so many don't do it well. When taking a bath, you need enough water and also do not rush. Take your time, wash properly, and dry well with a neat towel.

More details on how to wash the body so clean will be revealed in my next article. Stay tuned for more news on twocreed.

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