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4 Healthy Toilet Habits You can Start Today

Every day, we go to the bathroom without giving it any thought. When we go to the bathroom, we bring our bad habits with us. Some people prefer to talk on the phone in the cubicle for long periods of time, while others prefer to have their toilet visits last less than 10 seconds. To promote a nice and good washroom environment for all, we could become more courteous washroom users and be more careful of our own washroom conduct. Here are some good toilet habits to get started with right now.

1. Don’t bring the phone(s) into the toilet

Texts, emails, phone conversations, and video games... Surely none of these things require your attention while you take just one minute away from your desk? When you take your phone into the bathroom, you are not only less aware of what is going on around you, but you also risk contaminating the device with germs and pathogens. People who play games on their phones dominate the toilet cubicle for an extended period of time, making it inconvenient for other users who require immediate assistance.

And if you are not paying attention to your surroundings, a damp floor may represent a risk of slipping and falling if you are distracted by your phone and become careless with the slick surface. Leave your phone(s) at in your room and enjoy a stress-free restroom trip.

2. Don't rush to get started and finish

A washroom is frequently a high-traffic hotspot, with people rushing in and out to have their business done as fast as possible. Many folks rush and storm into the restroom without warning. This is particularly dangerous if there are small children standing behind the door, as they may be injured. In the long run, being in a rush implies you'll be doing your business in a haste, which could be hazardous for your body. And if you're in a rush, you're probably not going to bother cleaning up after yourself. Do you know who will help you clean up after you have such awful toilet habits?

Taking care of your own personal hygiene may appear to be a simple practice, but it may not be that prevalent among some people, as evidenced by their failure to clean up the toilet seat cover they have purposefully discolored and their improper waste disposal. A used sanitary napkin should not be thrown out in the trash, but should be carefully disposed of in the appropriate feminine hygiene unit.

3. Squatting on the toilet seat is not a good idea

While crouching on the toilet seat may appear to be a more common occurrence in the past, you'd be surprised to learn that it still occurs in some circumstances nowadays. Squatting on the toilet bowl or the toilet seat cover not only makes the toilet look filthy, but it also causes significant inconvenience to the next user. If you fall off while squatting precariously over it, you risk harming yourself. Solution: Before using, cleanse the toilet seat with a toilet seat cleaning. When utilizing public restrooms, the initial toilet seat cleaning adds an added layer of security and confidence.

4. Before leaving the house, wash your hands with soap and dry them

Nowadays, it's unusual to see someone exiting a restroom without washing their hands. You should be reminded that if you do not wash your hands after using the restroom, you risk transmitting diarrhea diseases, infestations, and viruses back to your workstation! While the majority of people nowadays wash their hands after using the restroom, the majority of them do not use bar soap. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap is also vital to remove germs and bacteria that have been transferred to your hands from bacteria hotspots like the cubicle door knob and toilet bowl flush handle/button.

And, if you don't want your hand hygiene efforts to go to waste, fully dry damp hands before leaving the house. This is due to the fact that wet hands can pick up germs again, distributing 1,000 times more germs than dry hands! To keep the society safe from avoidable infections, healthy toilet habits and basic personal hygiene should be emphasized in every workplace culture. What if I told you that In the long run, a washroom should have appropriate facilities to help promote good washroom user behavior. Initial Hygiene is a specialist in restroom facilities and can help you relax.

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