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4 Steps To Take When Your Cooking Gas Noozle Gets Blocked With Dirt

The moment you realise that your cooking gas nozzle is blocked, you often become helpless because what comes to your mind immediately is a complete replacement which comes with a price, something between the ranges of 1500 naira and above. I am delighted that I will be showing you the steps you can take to get this problem fixed without spending a dime. Follow the 4 steps below and see how your blocked nozzle will be fully restored back to its functioning state.

1. The first thing you have to do is to brush the top area of the nozzle with an iron brush. There are some brushes whose teeth are made of tiny strands of iron, this is the time of brush you should use. What this brush does is to forcefully remove any glued dirt on the top area of the nozzle because these dirt contribute to the blockage of the nozzle hole.

2. The second step is to use a pliers to loose the top hexagonal steel that houses the tiny hole your gas flows through. Yes, this part of he nozzle can be loosen from the nozzle itself. The reason you need to loosen it is because of the third step that will be explained below.

3. After loosening the hexagonal steel, you need to brush it again with the iron brush, then you use one strand of the iron teeth to pick the hole until you feel and see the tooth going inside the hole. Brush the metal again, and repeat the picking process until the teeth goes completely inside the hole. When the tooth goes into the hole completely, this indicates that your nozzle hole has been unblocked, and you can now use your gas again.

Note: if you cannot do these things or get the material yourself, you can just take the affected nozzle to your gas cylinder seller to do the servicing for you, it should not cost you more than 400 naira.

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