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Fashion influencers that owned the decade with their style

Apparently, if you are a fashion head, the world is going to change a ton in the 2020s for you. Instagram is taking away the visibility that the like button offers. In addition to that, the Creative Director of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, has predicted that the street wear is going to die out in the coming decade.

Instagram without normcore fashion, without the specific niche that is street wear-inspired street style made out of basics, is going to look really stark. For most people, the draw to the photo curating app, Instagram, was the exciting way that scores of pages run by street style photographers showed how regular people were mixing casual ready-to-wear brands in their day-to-day lives.

What will male fashion in the 2010s be without the many Instagram photographs of Shia LaBeouf wearing almost anything and looking incredibly cool in it? What will the revival of 90s fashion look like without those photos from Afropunk or the Kenyan Instagram page Thrift Social Nairobi?

In celebration of all that goodness that defined the passing decade, I’ll be sharing a list of people I think defined the decade and Instagram with their style.

Tamu Mcpherson

She walked away from a possible legal career for a life in the streets talking to people about their style and photographing them. Mcpherson’s @Alltheprettybirds page is addictive but more so is her fashion which feeds off the people she photographs

Shia LaBeouf

The magic of Shia LaBeouf is that he isn’t even on the app. LaBeouf belongs to the rare class of Hollywood stars that’s too cool for school. And yet, his style ruled on Instagram. Facts: Kanye West , who is famously difficult to please, has been known to use LaBeouf’s fashion as a template for some of his collections


The Nairobi-based brother-sister duo Velma Rosai and Oliver Asike launched their fashion forward personas and brand as the African alternative/grunge scene was beginning to emerge. They mix and matched colours, prints, cultures and eras in their styling of themselves. Oliver Asike’s updated country chic look, hard to replicate, remains one of the most enduringly cool things on Instagram. And nobody rocks a braid like Velma Rosai.

Bubu Ogisi

Ms Ogisi is a personal favourite. This is entirely arguable but Ms Ogisi is singlehandedly creating some of the most avant-garde fashion in Africa as creative director of I AM ISIGO. Both Bubu Ogisi’s page on Instsgram and the I AM ISIGO page are feasts that reward multiple viewings.


She’s got to be on this list. At the start of the decade, in 2012, the pop star walked the Victoria Secret runway while performing and by the close of the decade, her inclusive lingerie line Savage x Fenty was all anyone was talking about. There are claims that the rise of her Savage x Fenty brand is not entirely unlinked with the demise of Victoria Secret.

And then, there’s that urban legend of the woman never having a bad fashion moment. In fact, a piece of clothing is ugly until Rihanna wears it. And to cap it all, her makeup line Fenty Beauty, pricey as it is, is becoming the go-to brand for women of all shades. This woman isn’t just the decade’s most defining female act, she is the decade’s most defining fashion influencer. Period.

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