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3 enemies of life that hinders success.

Life from the onset has never been fair to anyone, except for those who understand life's daily pattern and working hard to get the best that life could offer. It is no new experience that many people have fallen into the ill fate of life because they were victims of some events that attract the evil phase of life.

However, there are certain act of ours that constitute to our failures in life. These actions are to be seen as our enemies that hinders us from succeeding.

They include:

1. Fear: Fear is the propeller of evil thoughts and doubts, because fear prevents one from seizing his/her opportunity of excelling in life. Fear will never allow one to dwell on the thoughts of the joyful experiences, one would enjoy while being successful.

2. Ignorance: Many have missed their golden opportunities of amazing great wealth because of ignorance. This act of ignorance has prevented many from taking good decisions about life and how to attain to success.

3. Anger: This act has proven from time immemorial to be an agent of destruction and hindrance to success. Anger prevents one from seeing the future clearly and taking required steps to attaining to success.

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