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5 Countries Where Yoruba Language And Culture Is Being Practised

1.Ghana: They Yoruba in Ghana are settling good and they are sustaining their culture and living in harmony. There is a bold incription on their king palace, "Chief of Brimah", that this is the very prestigious ruling dynasty of the Yoruba race in Ghana.

2. Togo: The dialect of the Yoruba, is widely in Togo, from the Benin boundary up to Atakpame in Togo.

3.America: In fact, there is a village in called "Oyotunji",this means that Oyo has risen or Oyo has return, this village is located in South Carolina. The village is constructed to look like a village of the traditional Yoruba.

4.Brazil: From the picture, you will see that Yoruba, has accumulated a quite number of speakers in Brazil. The African slaves influenced their language in Brazil.

5.Cuba. There is a strong evidence of the Yoruba presence in Cuba, they worshiped different Yoruba Orishas, there is a Yoruba Museum in Old Havana in Cuba.

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