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Start The New Month With Laughter. Checkout These 30 Funny Pictures And Memes

If you are seeing this means you are alive and part of the lucky once who made it into the new month of May. It is very obvious and true that we did not create ourselves, it then means there is a supernatural power somewhere that is in charge of us, and that is God.

As we start a new month today, 1st May 2021, it is pertinent that you kick off in the right mood, the mood of happiness, the mood of positivity and of great hope. Laughter can heal your soul, it can help you to forget your worries and forge ahead.

This article brings to you some of the things you need to put a smile on your face, all you need to do is channel some energy into this article and laugh out your stress. Remember the popular saying that says “happiness is free”?. We all have every right to be happy, but first we have to decide whether to be happy or not

Below are over 30 collections of funny pictures and memes that I believe will put some smile on your face. Enjoy the view below. Thanks.

Content created and supplied by: MangoodNews (via Opera News )

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