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Lagos Independence Festival of Excellence kickstarts

The first press conference of the “Lagos Independence Festival of Excellence” was held today at the Grande Studio, exactly a year to when the event will officially commence (1st of October 2022). 

The Lagos Independence Festival of Excellence (LIFE) event is initiated by “The Temple Company” and “The Bamoral Group”.

Idris Olorunnimbe the CEO/Founder of Temple Company made it known that Planning commenced early so all hands are on deck to make the idea become a reality.

What’s the idea behind The Lagos Independence Festival of Excellence (LIFE) event?

In Nigeria we don’t do anything on Independence Day asides from listening to the Presidents Speech says Ezekiel Adamu, the Md/CEO of The Balmoral Group. The plan is to educate and entertain the populace, both young and old alike every October 1st because when you look at well developed countries

The LIFE event is about Nigeria, Nigerians and our Heritage. We need to celebrate ourselves and make our talents shown to the world.

This event promises to unite Families together to promote the culture of Nigeria because our independence has not been showcased the way it should.

Idris Olorunnimbe further mentioned that the Choice of Venue is Federal Palace Hotel because of its rich history.

The event is a 3 days event that would have the NIGHT and DAY series.

Day Time: Children and the Youths would learn in a fun way about the country, people and culture.

Night time for Adults: Concert; Movie premiers and lots of fun.

The LIFE event is a win situation for Nigeria says Ezekiel Adamu because we are celebrating Nigeria and Nigerians!! We can’t wait for the government to provide all the solutions. Nigeria is our country and we don’t want to JAPA. Rather we want to give people who have JAPA reasons to come back.

Winifred Okpaki the Head of Strategy explained that The event is for everyone and it’s been subsidized to make it affordable for everyone. 

One of the events to expect at LIFE is “Amature Night”. This is where young and raw talents are scouted and given a platform to showcase themselves.

The talents that would be discovered and showcased won’t be in the entertainment industry alone but also in other sectors.

When asked if the Lagos state government is in partnership with the LIFE event, Idris Olorunnimbe says that Lagos is for US. The color of the Logo shows the picture of the state and the government has been notified and have shown interest as well. We the citizens must begin to see Nigeria as ours he further says.

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