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5 Things You Shouldn't Do While Renting A House/Room

Renting a house is among the first things you'll have to do as a responsible person, and if you think it'll be easy, think again.

Why? Because, among many other things, you could be duped into settling for an accommodation that isn't great value for money you're paying. So, what should you avoid doing if you're renting an apartment? Continue reading to learn more...

1. Do Not Move In Until The Apartment Has Been Inspected, Thoroughly

When you go into the apartment, it's love at first sight — fantastic! However, the first thing you should do is determine whether there are any pre-existing issues and notify both the landlord and the broker as soon as possible. Are there any leaks? Do you have any plumbing issues? Walls that are mouldy, or paint that is peeling off? What about water restrictions? Is there a way to reduce the amount of work you have to do? Pests? Make sure you understand what you're getting into before signing the lease, otherwise you might be surprised!

2. Don't Put Your Trust In Verbal Agreements

When you do speak with the landlord, ask for clarification on anything that appears to be unclear or unfair. Sure, the landlord may agree in person, but get that in writing. Include the clause in your lease agreement so that everything is in writing and you don't have to worry about it. Even if the landlord appears to be a pleasant person, they are still a stranger. Better human beings than your landlord have messed over smarter individuals than you. Always keep that in mind!

3. Do not sign the lease agreement. Blindly

Read and reread every detail. Read what is written, and if anything appears jargon-y or confusing, bring it up right away and ask for explanation in layman's terms. There's a story about a tenant who signed the contract without reading it, and then had to pay for painting and repairs after he left. Be wise so you don't receive the short end of the stick!

4. Do Not Purchase Your Home Furnishings

You're renting a place to live, which isn't much better than living on a prayer. You're at the mercy of your landlord, and you don't even own the property, so you'll have to leave soon. Buying furniture is expensive, but moving furniture is even more so, and it is a major hassle to deal with. 

5. Do Not Act As If You Own The Place

It's not difficult to turn the apartment into a cozy, inviting living area, but that's all it should be. You'll be leaving when your lease expires, so there's no use in making any permanent changes that won't help you when you relocate. Oh, and if your landlord wants you to do any repairs, reject immediately unless you caused the problem. It's his property, so it's his obligation, not yours - and make sure you mention it, should he turn on you at the last minute!

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