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Say These Powerful Players Before Going Out This Morning

Prayers are necessary in any situation, thus it's a good idea to start your day with a prayer, asking Allah for His blessings and success.

Before speaking with someone in the morning, recite the following prayers:

Oh God, thanks be to you for the majesty of your face and the magnitude of your dominion, as it should be. Please forgive me and my parents.

God, we ask for the best of today and tomorrow, and we seek refuge in You from the evil of today and tomorrow, and we seek refuge in You from stress and lethargy.

Oh, God, bless my family, God bless our labor, God bless our business, God bless our lives in general. 

You own the kingdom, O God, and you have the power to cherish and humiliate whomever you want with your hand of goodness. You are capable of anything.

O Allah, we ask You for guidance, piety, chastity and riches, O Lord of the Worlds, Oh Most Beautiful of the Heavens and Earth, Oh Most Majestic and Honor.

Our Lord, give us good in this world and in the hereafter, and save us from the torment of the fire.

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