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Self Protection Tips Everyone Should Know -- part 1

In this series I will be sharing a lot of information on how to keep your self and loved ones safe even under pressure.

We will be covering:

Situational awareness/analysis

Evasion and Escape tactics

Hand to hand combat

First aid

Dealing with Police and law enforcement (writing reports and coordinating with police in the aftermath of a crime) in handling criminal activity.

Safety In The Streets

Most crimes could have been prevented if only the victims had been conscious of their immediate environment, imagine a person driving and failing to take note of the vehicle following him/her for 30 minutes through 2 streets, a roundabout and several turns on the road and when tragedy strikes (getting kidnapped, robbed or shot) the loved ones blame the police for poor security.

Not everyone can afford the privilege of having policemen or close protection personnel following them round the clock but every one should know that you should:

* Never take your personal safety for granted

* Be alert and aware of your surroundings (lookout for potential threats to your safety and possible exits and escape routes) at all times

* Always look strong and confident ! Criminals and bullies always look for weak and low risk targets

* If a vehicle approaches you while you are walking on the street and you are harassed by the drivers(rude and coarse language, aggressive yelling and gestures) yell/scream and run towards the opposite direction

* When walking, don't stop to speak to strangers (and if you must do so, look around they may have potential accomplices lurking around/lying in wait) criminals usually talk to their victims before attacking them

* Never turn your back on a potential aggressor unless he/she is so far away they can't reach you before you get to safety

* Don't walk down the streets looking lost, tired or preoccupied (most especially people who are into the habit of peering down into their cell phones while walking), dominant body language is essential keep your head up and walk with confidence and purpose, even if you are lost

* Get into the habit of walking briskly

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