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2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live in The Same Area With A Yahoo Boy

Internet Fraudsters or yahoo boys as they are popularly known have become very easy to find among us nowadays. Sometimes, we may find it easy to spot them in our midst as some of them don't hide what they do. At other times, it may be quite difficult to pinpoint them.

In this article, we would examine two reasons why any individual should be cautious of getting apartments in close proximity as a yahoo boy. They are:

1. To avoid embarrassment:

Since a yahoo boy engages in fraud, they are automatically dealt with by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). While trying to fish out the hiding places of internet Fraudsters, the EFCC raids houses or apartments suspected to be inhabited by them.

During these raids, they may barge into innocent individuals houses by mistake and label them as criminals. Situations like this can easily be avoided if one gets houses as far as possible from them.

2. To avoid disturbance:

A typical yahoo boy has a number of friends, as most times, they cannot complete transactions alone. Sometimes, a house rented by one person may end up being the home of 6 people and this may not be favourable to the people living around.

There might be partying among them, and sometimes there will be situations in which they will have quarrels. This can cause the people living around them to be disturbed by noise as they will be definitely affected.

Also, yahoo boy needs constant power supply, and because of that he may have a generator. Many times, this generator could be in bad shape and still they could put it on for hours unending without regard for the neighbours that may be affected by the noise and smoke.

So if you want to rent an apartment, and you notice or suspect that there are yahoo boys in the compound or area, it would be advisable for you not to rent such houses or live in that area.

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