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Mistakes You Should Not Make As A Gas Cooker Owner

The use of gas cooker has become a common thing in today's society as every one now enjoys the use of gas. Although it is massively rising in prices, it is still one of the most used means of cooking for many families.

As much as the new development and introduction of gas comes with an advantage, it also comes with a lot of disadvantages.

Over the years in which gas has been used as a means of cooking, we have heard cases of gas explosion and deaths of several families.

As much as use of gas as a means of cooking is dangerous, it can be managed when the user learn some of the common mistakes which previously lead to explosions.

In this article, I am going to be talking about 4 mistakes every gas cooker owner should not make.

1. Using a rusty and old burner

Most of you already know what a burner is but if you don't, this is the picture above. Rusty burner has been one of the major reasons why most people get hurt while using gas cookers.

It has been proven that most rusty and old burners easily releases gas from it's holes even when it is turned off.

When gas covers the kitchen or area where the gas cooker is placed, if a spark is sensed, it could lead to an explosion.

2. Filling their cylinder to the brim

This is also a mistake most gas cooker users should stop doing. When gas cylinders are filled to the brim, they begin to leak, this could lead to explosion and possibly death of hundreds of people.

3. Giving your little kids access to the gas cylinder

Always assign duties meant for adults for adults and duties for kids for kids. Things like turning off/on the gas cooker should be a prohibited thing for kids until they are grown enough to know the dangers of using gas cookers.

4. Answering calls while cooking with gas

Phones waves are radio active when they come in contact with gas, there is a high chance that there will be an explosion.

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