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12 funny pictures we can't just explain

1. Underground office

Underground office

2. Who can explain this?

Food in a wallet or what?

Wallet food or is it part of what is called Photoshop editing?

3. Is this some kind of new way to barb?

A barber with different barbing material which can't be seen everywhere, or is this just editing?

4. Bicycling on water? or what do we call this

Bicycling on water or what?..

We have heard about walking on water do we have bicycling on water?

5. Who can explain this?

A stair case with no more forward direction, where will they turn to?

6. Wow this looks nice, but it looks like wimming pool?

This was created to entertain their customers so they could have a great memory about the ride.

7. A man in a shoe, how come?

A man in a shoe, was it edited or the shoe was created for it?

8. How did he got there?

A car crashed in the middle of a staircase but the question there is, or did it got there?

9. Flooded class with lecture going on

A lecture class which was flooded but that doesn't stop the student from taking lecture

10. Flooded road under maintenance

A flooded road under maintenance but the machine was stocked in the flooded road.

11. Boy flying high

This looks like a boy flying high after the man poured him out of the bucket

12. Horse parked

A horse parked by someone, funniest part is that the horse was patiently waiting for his owner.

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