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Top 6 Mistakes You Keep Making In The Bathroom

Simple, everyday practices like brushing your teeth with a hard-bristled brush, borrowing your roommate's hairbrush when you can't locate yours, and shaving with a multi-blade razor are all detrimental to our health.

We all make some common restroom mistakes when we are unaware of the truth. As a result, we've compiled a list to assist you in reflecting on these errors and attempting to alter your restroom habits. Check them out below:

1. You Flush The Toilet With The Lid Up.

This method is a physics puzzle. When you flush, the force with which the water propels the fecal or pee into the drain may fling fecal as least six feet beyond the pot.

As a result, when washing, remember to close the lid first before flushing. Do you want those filthy particles circulating in the air?

2. You don't clean your toothbrush as frequently as you should.

We remember to brush our teeth twice a day. But how frequently do we clean it? According to studies, a toothbrush can carry up to 10 million bacteria, including the nasty E.coli.

If you're wondering how to clean your brush, look no further. Simply microwave it for 10–15 seconds. Do it once a week. If you're one of those people who can't be bothered to clean their brushes, we recommend changing your toothbrush every two weeks at the very least.

3. You do not make your bathroom slip-resistant.

Tell us the truth right now. How many of you have slipped and fallen in your bathrooms while having a shower, or have narrowly escaped? It's a typical occurrence in restrooms. In fact, statistics reveal that approximately 81 percent of restroom injuries are the result of slipping.

How do you get around it? Being cautious will undoubtedly benefit you. Aside from that, you can get those anti-skid mats and place them on your bathroom floor or in that tub.

4. When you shampoo, you pile your hair on top of your head.

We enjoy lathering the shampoo so much that we massage our hair beyond necessary, causing it to dry and stripping it of its natural oils. Worse, we roll our hair into a bun and then lather up the foam.

By doing so, we just create enough tangles in our hair to leave us with a knotted mess when we sit down to comb our freshly washed hair.

The easiest approach to shampoo your hair is to do it in its natural flowy downward motion. Massage your scalp gently to remove dirt. That's all! Don't overdo the shampooing if you want to spend more time in the shower. You could look for better reasons later.

5. You Make Use of Antibacterial Soap.

If you assumed antibacterial soaps provided more health benefits than regular soaps, you were wrong all along! Plain soaps, it turns out, provide just as much protection and nourishment to your skin as antibacterial soaps, without a few hazards.

The constant use of antibacterial soaps undermines our body's natural defenses against dangerous pathogens. As a result, we recommend that you stick to regular soap.

6. You Dry Yourself Far Too Quickly.

One of the most common mistakes we make after a shower is toweling ourselves too aggressively, which can actually harm our skin. And if you already have skin problems, this practice may aggravate them even more.

The best technique to dry yourself after a shower is to pat yourself dry. And, if you enjoy moisturizing, apply body lotion before your skin becomes parched. Only then can the lotion be absorbed by your skin.

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