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Check out How To Prevent A Gas Explosion At Home When There Is Gas Leakage

A gas explosion is a dangerous incident that can cause severe casualties like loss of properties, body injuries, and death. It occurs when cooking gas circulates in the home and goes into flames.

Cooking gas used in preparing food is compressed in Cylinders and connected properly through tubes to the cooker, to ensure that there is the proper use and no gas leakage occurs. It becomes dangerous and unsafe when this cooking gas leaks, and can lead to a gas explosion.

How Do You Detect A Gas Leakage?

Knowing the signs of gas leakage is helpful to enable you to find quick solutions.

You can know if there is gas leakage in your home with these signs:

1. If the cooking flame is an Orange or Yellow colour, rather than Crisp Blue.

2. When you smell the gas

3. When you listen and identify a hissing sound from your gas connection.

How To Prevent A Gas Explosion

If you have checked for gas leakage and all the signs prove to be positive, quick precautionary action needs to be taken, as leaked gas can increase the risk of having a gas explosion.

1. Detect The Source Of The Leakage

If the gas leaks from the Cylinder itself, turn off the gas supply. If the gas leakage is from the cooker, stop all cooking activities and turn off burners.

2. Keep The Lights Off

Keeping lights on in the presence of gas can cause an explosion. Ensure lights are off in your kitchen or where the gas cylinder is kept.

3. Open All Doors And Windows

Ventilate the entire house by opening all windows and doors. This will help reduce the smell of the gas, as it will have enough air to diffuse through.

4. Check Your Cooker

Take a second walk to your gas cooker and ensure that all burners are turned off. If the gas cooker is not properly checked, there can be a fire outbreak.

5. Be Safe With Appliances

Do not use electrical devices like laptops and phones, neither smoke nor use any open flames like candles which can cause already leaked gas to ignite.

6. Provide Safety For Yourself

Move away from the leaked gas environment or building, to avoid breathing in the gas which is toxic and harmful to the human body. Seek help from neighbors and safety agencies if the situation is worse.

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