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Ladies, Here are 5 Natural Ways to Overcome Period Cramps

Before I begin explanations on the above topic, it is worthy of note to know that another name for "period" is "menstruation". Menstruation is everything any young woman who has attained puberty experiences till they enter menopause. Now, a lot of ladies usually dread every end of the month and the reason for doing so is not far-fetched. 

While some women usually see their periods freely without any pains, some others experience their's with unbearable pains. During this time of the month, a lot of ladies are seen using 'over the counter drugs' i.e. pain relievers in order to suppress the pains they are having. While some women may experience severe pains during their periods, some experience milder pains, while some others experience headaches, nausea, vomiting, irritability (mood swings), e t c. The pains usually vary from woman to woman.

If you are one of the ladies who usually experience menstrual pains; and is looking for the right ways you can relieve your pains, then you are in the right place because I will base this discussion on five natural ways you can take inorder to relieve your menstrual cramps.

1. Reduce your intake of sugar:

This is a very vital point because research has shown that a woman that has high sugar intake is prone to experiencing severe pains during her period. Any woman that wants to have a painless menstruation should avoid sugar or begin to cut down on her sugar intake, especially few days to her period.

2. Try the heat therapy:

This is a very important and easy method of relieving menstrual cramps. For a woman to try this therapy, it simply means that she will try to apply heat to her body. This can be achieved by either bathing hot water, taking hot or warm water, massaging her lower back with hot water etc. This method has proven to be effective in relieving menstrual cramps.

3. Drink a lot of water:

It is advised that a lady that experiences menstrual pains should endeavour to drink a lot of water during this period as it helps in reducing the period cramps. Avoid taking of cold water as it usually heightens the cramps, while the intake of hot or warm water suppresses the pains.

4. Little exercise:

There is a reason for the emphasis on the 'little'; and the reason is because you are in so much pain now and may find it difficult carrying out exercises. No matter how difficult it is or how much pain you are in, it is adviced that you carry out a little exercise as it can go a long way in helping to relieve your menstrual pain and also it can to help relax your muscles.

5. Ginger:

This natural plant has proven to be effective in minimising period cramps. To use the ginger plant in eliminating period cramps, it is more advisable to make a ginger drink with it than it is to add it to your cooking.

When all the above-listed methods seem to have failed you, then, it's time to see your doctor. This is especially if the pains have become more unbearable and the bleeding intensifies. Your doctor may then decide to place you on some pain reliever medications or give you better alternatives.

I hope this write-up has helped you to know what to do next time you experience a period cramp. Please leave a comment if this post has been helpful to you. You can also follow, like and share my posts. Austar16 is my name. Thanks!

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