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How to assimilate fast

If you are a student and you find it hard to read and assimilate fast, this is for you.

It is disheartening to study for hours and yet have nothing to show for it. So I researched on what could be the cause of this. In my research, I discovered that you don't assimilate just by reading a lot, there is more to assimilating.

If you do not assimilate after studying a material, you are not different from that guy who didn't study at all. And that is the problem most students have, you study for a very long time, you do not assimilate, it's more like you didn't study at all. So I hope you find this article helpful

Below are tips to help you assimilate better:

1. Scan the material before studying:

Before you study at all, scan the text for keywords. Keywords are words that appear frequently in the material. Doing this would help you understand the material when you begin reading it properly.

2. Eat good foods:

You should understand that good diet helps assimilate better. The role of a good diet can never be underated. According to a research by scholars at the University of Bristol, a diet which is high in sugars, fats as well as processed foods in early childhood may result to lower Assimilating capabilities. A diet that contains vitamins and nutrients helps build a great IQ. Scientists suggest eggs, avocados, oily fish like sardines and dark chocolate as foods that helps build a great IQ.

3. Taking Notes:

While studying, try and outline important points on the material, since the brain works faster with pictures, this helps the brain capture the highlighted area and stores it in your brain for a very long time.

So I hope you find this tips helpful

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