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A concerned fan has advised Nkechi Blessing on carefulness as she joined her husband in London.

From the recent happenings in the society, everyone is expected to be very careful with whomsoever he is dealing with. This is not just about the moment, it's about the later days as we have seen in so many cases in the internet recently.

The use of modern facilities and social media has come as a good way of communication but, it has equally brought in some things to be conscious of. These things are the thing that justify that common saying that the internet never forgets.

Whatever is shared on the internet is as good as being regarded as permanent. The internet has made storage very rigid that whatever drops on the internet can last for decades so long as there are people who have access to them.

Some of the information about people coming in on social media recently, are things that happened a long time ago, but for the fact that modern technology is involved, such information were accessed which have made and marred some people involved.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday, shared loved up pictures of herself and her husband in London. This is few days after she buried her mother.

Due to some recent issues on social media, one of her fans adviced her to be careful of what she records, in other words, to be careful with how she makes her relationship open. This may sound like an insecurity to some people, but it is a good advice and even Nkechi Blessing appreciated the Fan's concern.

Noting from this advice, everyone should be wise and careful with the things he shares on social media as the internet has become complicated recently.

Note: this doesn't suggest that people shouldn't talk about their lives freely, it only means that people should share only the things they expect to see in the future on the internet and not what they would ever regret sharing.

Image source: all images in the article were sourced from Nkechi Blessing's Instagram handle.

Content created and supplied by: Chinny'sangle (via Opera News )

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