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7 habits you can cultivate today that will make you more attractive to people

People often say that good habits are hard to master and takes time and dedication while the bad ones come rather naturally. We all want to be respected, admired, and taken seriously by people but most times we don't do the actions that commands these things.

Noticing all these, I have cone about some behaviours you can cultivate today that will make you more attractive to people and earn the respect you deserve.

1. Improving on your hygiene

Apart from the popular " health is wealth" slogan, there are many other reasons why you should take care of yourself and improve on your hygiene. One of them, and which I think is the most obvious, is that people are going to judge and make decisions about you based on your appearance.

Looking unkept and wearing really dirty clothes will not get you a good review at all, but when you look

2. Taking yourself very important

People like other people who take themselves very important but not in an arrogant way. Taking yourself very important here means that your own needs are important as well and should be attended to first. If you don't take yourself serious, no one else will.

3. Being respectful to others

There are three things people crave for in this life: Acceptance, to be loved and cherished, and finally, to be respected. No matter the age or size, nobody likes to be disrespected in any way.

You ability to always respect others and treat them right will make people to always want to be around you, which would make you very attractive indeed.

4. Always be confident in yourself

Confidence and self-worth is something people admire in others because they want to be like those who exhibit them. For you to be admired, you need to build some kind of confidence in yourself that makes you almost fearless. Speak out when you feel oppressed and cheated, and speak boldly in a manner that makes behave like a leader.

5. Keeping to your word

It is now a fact that nobody likes s person who only talks and never do anything. A lot 9f people talk things they can't do or promise and never fulfill it. Well, they are deceiving themselves and losing their respect at the end. If you want people to start taking you seriously and increase your value in their eyes, then you need to start learning how to keep to promises and do what you say.

6. Helping people when necessary

As I have come to notice, one of the greatest quality you can have is to be indespensible. When you create a value for others and are useful to people around you, every one would want to be your friend.

Though your actions might be overlooked by some, you'd be glad you did at the end. And besides, not everyone is an ingrate!

7. Appreciating people around you

We are also appreciated when we appreciate others for their efforts. People love being praised as it gives them a sense of self-worth and confidence in themselves. Your ability to recognise efforts worth commending and applauding in others will make you a person if a very attractive personality.

So in summary, it is more like "Treat others how you want to be treated" kind of thing, or better still raising your standards. The way you project yourself is how people will view you.

Do the right thing today.

Thanks for going through this piece, and please don't forget to share, like and comment if you find this article helpful.

Have a wonderful day!

Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )


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