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What To Do After You Have Tried Your Best But You Are Still Not Making Progress

Sometimes, we do our best in life in order to move forward, only for us to fall back again, start again until we start giving up little by little. If you've tried your best to do something and you fail, what's the next thing you'll do?

The next thing to do after experiencing a setback is something that we must plan hard and smart for, because if we do it and it also fails, we might eventually give up on that thing that we are doing.

People will tell you that if you try your best in a situation, you'll end up coming out on top but that's quite wrong. What do you think will happen if your best is someone's else's effortless action? You'll fail.

Some of us try our best to come out on top in everything we lay our hands on and we put in lot of work, only for us to be defeated by someone who put in little work and was not focusing on the task at all.

There are things you can try out when you are trying your best to become the best but you are still behind somehow who's putting little efforts compared to you.

The best thing to do at the point is to upgrade yourself. Remove limitations and look for new ways to do things. The greatest men on Earth are there because they found their own ways of doing things.

To some people, doing their best means putting in physical energy until you're stressed, but that's wrong. When you look for your own specific way to do something, you'll keep getting better and better at that thing.

For example, some people will try their best under normal circumstances but end up failing, but when music comes into the room, they start doing things easily without putting it in the kind of work they put it before.

When you encounter a problem while doing your best, do not start thinking and planning on giving up that thing, find other enjoyable ways to do that thing, and you'll make amazing progress.

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