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Motivational: seven quotes to stay happy this saturday

It is another Saturday! The first Saturday in October. With the current happenings in the world, it might be hard to stay happy and positive. For this sole reason, we have put together five powerful quotes from powerful people to get you up and running this Saturday. Are you ready? Let's get into it.

1. Don't worry. Be happy.~Bobby McFerrin

2. You only live once. Do justice to life while you are on earth.

3. Life will always have problems. You have to decide to be happy.

4. Of course, you have the option of being sad or happy. But why should you be sad? You are alive. That's enough reason to be happy.

5. Every day you take one step closer to your dreams. Those dreams should keep you happy.

6. Happiness is a choice. The ball is in your court.

7. It is a Saturday. You should be satisfied, aspiring for greater heights, trusting your ability to be fine, understanding that you are powerful, reminiscing on the good week you have had, delighted for what is to come, admiring how far you have come, yearning for the good things of life.

Happy Saturday! Make sure to have a blast today.

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